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Life began after completing my A.A.S in Design from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. After graduating joined Flour Engineering, completed their design school and worked across the country. Returning to my home state of Mississippi to build my experience, skills and raising a family.

During the years here in Mississippi worked on a large range of projects from IT, commerical and industrial processes and plants.

Also worked with many engineering firms to develop designs, estimates and plans for industrial projects. Eventually moving into Project Management for IT and Industrial Plants.


Project Management 90%

Design 95%

Planning 85%

Estimating 85%

Construction Management 80%

Design/Project Tools




MS Project


MS Excel


MS Word




Training in global safety standards for plant construction management and risk analysis, and field review procedures.

Networking development with local and state wide business leaders to develop a plan for parks and wild life additional funding for development for public access to local parks.

This started the beginning of the many project conceptions and implementations.

Starting point to life completing this study program.


During this time worked on over 68 projects in a range of $100K to $1.8M. These projects consisted of process, packaging, site building upgrade and modifications. Including several IT related projects of network infrastructure upgrade. Also managed several projects that where major demolition of abandon equipment and structures. My duties included combination of design and project management along with coordination of design/engineering services and project planning implementing construction activities on the job sites.

This time period was an experience of a startup company. Managed the rapid development of all the computer management systems and definition of corporate standards for operation and auditing. The computer management system required the design, development and installation of network system, and custom software for the company's operation. The development and implementation of the policies and procedures for office and operational management systems, and document retention. The final results from this time period was the completion of the computer and management systems.

This time period was the development of many skills and methods for the future. Working for a stable of eight engineers. Worked on over 220 design projects and was assigned senior designer for major plant expansion of $16m for a building and process expansion. These design projects included the introduction of Autocad and all require hardware and supporting connectivity. Also included the development of Project Management software taking a manual ledger method of accounting to a computer based system. Which reduced the reporting time of project spending from 1 month to 1 week. The primary areas of design were conveying systems, process systems upgrades or new installations. Which included all the supporting energy systems and coordinated with control groups aligning them with final mechanical system designs. This included continuing improvements to the processes and many additions to plant's buildings. Also during this time designed and installed a management side network systems for a new casino locating in the Delta.

"He focused the project, pulling the teams together, contractors and site management, to bring the project in on time and budget"

John Roark | Greenville Metal Works

"His communication and support help me direct my team of electrians to focus on the needs and methods to get the best results for the client."

James Lemonis | Scott Electric Company

"Has directed my mechanical group to successful completion on many projects that we have work together on"

Phil Lee | Industrial Services

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Autocad, Microsoft Office Products – Excel, Word, Project, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Rbase 10 Database, SAP – Project Reporting/PO Monitoring, Ebuy – Purchase Management are my primary software experiences used in design and project management. Using these tool and others putting together a basic design of a bracket to a major plant design. Each requires a central core of requirements, but as the size increases additional resources are required to align the definition and implementing of a strategy or required scope.

Web Design

This is one of my hobbies that has turned into a real world use for information and applications. Setting up Linux servers for web services, email and databases. Along with the use of Google, Duck-Duct-Go, Bing and Youtube. The world of technical information for engineering, design and project management guidance along with tools available free or for a fee. Managed several projects for web applications, development of a web page for meter monitoring system using a one page display of all charts for reporting to the site energy management team. Development of a web based drawing index management system.

Web and Software Applications

Design and built applications for capital and expense project reporting, excel multi spread sheet with recap master spread sheet for major project estimates, contractor recap cost distribution to account spread sheet, and network POS and Sales Management System. The POS/SMS was for an industrial hardware provider with multiple warehouses, including internal network, remote access from work sites or customer locations.

Corporate Experience

This comes working with a large environment that has to control the corporate focus with standards and procedures to address the corporation and legal governances. Safety Training on a regular basis is a necessary activity. Quality comes next on both work systems, products, and corporate guidance and developmental processes. These are three of the most important areas to have for a understanding of the coporate world. When commanded you proceded with hast and directed you proceed as if it was a command.


This skill set comes from a range of experiences. There are times one has to lead and there are times you have to be a supporting partner in the activity that is at hand. As a lead clarity and communication are the most important points needed to achieve success. As a supporting partner you ask for clarity of responsibility of needs and then regularly report the status and progress of the task at hand.

Project Management

Following the concept of "plan, review, plan again, production, review again, repeat" always moving to improve. Proactive review of needs and objectives are primary limiting reactive issues. If you know a subject learn more. If you don't know a subject learn quickly and focus on primary control points.

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"All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result.”

— Stephen Covey

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